Agru Kunststofftechnik GMBH

AGRU – The Plastics Experts

AGRU Kunststofftechnik GmbH is a high performance Austrian company, operating in more than 80 countries. AGRU proves its competence and innovation in development, production and distribution of high-quality thermoplastic polymers, for more than 70 years.


AGRULINE Piping systems made of PE100-RC / PE 100 in dimensions up to OD 3500mm (138″) for gas
and potable water supply and sewage water disposal, suitable for trenchless and sandbed-free

Materials: PE 100, PE 100-RC
Range: OD 20mm to 3500mm


PVDF-UHP, ECTFE, PP-PURE, Polypure piping systems for the distribution of ultra-pure- water in
the semiconductor, pharmaceutical and food industry.

Materials: PVDF, PP-Pure, Polypure, ECTFE
Range: OD 20MM to OD 500MM


piping system made of PE 100 blue for various compressed air applications.

Materials: PE 100
Range: 20MM to 110MM


Piping and double containment piping systems made of PP HDPE-el, PPs, PPsel, PVDF and ECTFE for
industrial applications such as transport of aggressive media and containment sewage water.

Materials: PE, PP, PVDF, ECTFE
Range: OD 20MM to OD 2250MM


More than 25yrs. accumulated experience in infrared welding technology for all AGRU piping

Materials: PE 1100-RC, PP-H, PP-R, PP- Pure, Polypure, PCDF-UHP, ECTFE, Poly-Flo,
HV-Liner system.


SEMI-FINISHED Sheets, bar and welding rods made of PP, PE, PPs, PPs-el, HDPE, HDPE-el, PVDF,
ECTFE, FEP and PFA for the lining of tanks and for use in apparatus engineering.

Materials: PE, PP, PVDF, ECTFE


Concrete protective liners and assembly profiles made of PE, PP, PVDF, and ECTFE for the
protection of concrete structures from abrasion and corrosion.

Materials: PE, PP, PVDF, ECTFE


Geomembranes made of HDPE, VLDPE, LLDPE and FPP as well as drainage systems made of PE, PP for
landfills, tunnels, ponds, hydraulic engineering.

Materials: HDPE, VLDPE, FPP, TPO