Our Vision

To be the leading and largest supplier of high-quality thermoplastic piping products and components nationwide.

Our Mission

  • To supply high quality products that combine performance and competitive prices, to establish a successful relationship with our customers and suppliers.
  • To constantly strive to meet or exceed customer’s needs and expectations of technology, service and performance.
  • To stay ahead of the competition by introducing new products and services based on needs of our customers and market demands.
  • To develop our employee’s competence through continuous education and training.
  • To give glory to God in all our endeavors

Our Core Values

  • RELIABILITY The ability to accomplish a given task agreed upon within the established timeframe without the need for constant management.
  • DEDICATION to work on assigned task with great commitment and minimal supervision.
  • PASSION To show great enthusiasm towards the quality and kind of work we do ensure success of our partners’ business and welfares.
  • LOVE OF FAMILY To continually stay motivated to excel at work to uplift standard of living of one’s family.
  • HONESTY To be honest at all times
  • FEAR OF GOD Being conscientious in our ways in and out of work because of a strong fear and belief in God